Because only together we can

build a world where FAMILIES are safe, strong, and valued

Because we are enough to take care of our own community. We are enough to ensure we have all the opportunities of the American dream, and we will show it to each other through our actions and through our words and through our deeds.



- Our Mission

Our mission is to empower women and families in local and global communities. We want to enable them to improve their quality of life in areas such as health, education, economic development and spirituality.

- Our Vision

Envisioning a better tomorrow through giving.

- Our Story

The 20/20 Sisters of Vision Giving Circle is a community Giving Circle which empowers and provides financial aid and other assistance to women and families in need.  The Circle is comprised of women of the African diaspora whose common mission is to “Empower women and families in local and global communities.”  The organization is part of the Community Investment Network (CIN), which is a network of African-American Giving Circles throughout the U.S.  The organizations is also affiliated with the Triangle Community Foundation for purposes of administering its nonprofit funds.



— We Find & Fund


— We Build Networks


— We Strengthen


— We Educate


— We Provide Care


— We Collaborate



Joanne Jennings

Rev. Joanne Browne Jennings is a native of Pembroke, Bermuda. As a distinguished preacher, ordained minister, and licensed marriage and family therapist, she has offered counseling, consultation, and training seminars in her Durham office for over 20 years. She is committed to collective giving as a means of creating opportunities for strategic philanthropy.


Willette Carter

Prior to moving to Durham in 2014, Willette Carter was a special projects manager with the city of San Antonio, TX. During her 28-year career in the Air Force as a public affairs officer, she held positions world-wide, in New York City and the Pentagon, to bases in Asia and Europe, before retiring at the rank of colonel. She is active in the community through various social, religious and non-profit organizations.


Linda Van Hook

Linda is an ordained Baptist Minister. Her spiritual life message,"God's Grace is Sufficient". She uses her gifts and talents for teaching and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ; reaching out to people in crisis following natural disasters and serving in areas of health disparities locally and abroad. Professionally, she is a Nurse Educator and Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner.


Roberta Hadley

Roberta grew up in Durham and is a program director for a local Communities In Schools affiliate where she has been employed for nearly 10 years. She is a tennis enthusiast. She plays year-round on tennis leagues and coaches youth tennis for the City of Durham and the Town of Carrboro. She serves on the Raleigh Tennis Association’s board of directors.


Denise Rowson

Denise Rowson has been an educator for over 40 years, working with children and adults in traditional and non-traditional settings. She prides herself in the love and dedication to her faith, her community, and family, especially her grandsons Derrick 18 and Shomari 2. Following retirement in June 2019, she is excited about what God has in store for her to accomplish in this new season of her life. 


Patricia Parker

Dr. Patricia Parker is professor and chair of the Department of Communication at UNC-Chapel Hill. She is also the founding director of the Ella Baker Women's Center for Leadership and Community Activism. From her early experiences to her current work as co-chair of the UNC Commission on History and Race, Pat has been committed to catalyzing community power to fight oppression and transform the world into what it ought to be.


Karol Harshaw-Ellis

Dr. Harshaw-Ellis earned a BSN at UNC-Chapel Hill, an MSN at the Duke School of Nursing and later a Doctorate of Nursing Practice at the Duke School of Nursing. She is a Nurse Practitioner in the Duke Advanced Heart Failure Program and a Consulting Associate to the Duke School of Nursing. She has a passion for reducing health disparities and educational and economic barriers in minority communities.


Olusore Shields

Olusore "Sore" Shields grew up in Lagos Nigeria and immigrated to the United States over 25 years ago.
She has a B.Sc in Finance and a Master of Social Work (MSW). Sore (Show-Ray) is interested in the intersection of Faith, Finance, and Social Justice.
She looks for opportunities to use both her head and her heart in her work. She is especially interested in local and global initiatives that empower women and children.



Our Giving

DPS Child Nutrition Services – $498
Fair Justice Initiative – $500
SOAR Giving Circle – $250
2022 Cynthia D. Brown Educational Scholarship – $2,250
Charitable Giving to Support Individuals and Families in Need – $1,110
Total 2023 Giving – $4,608.00
Safe Passage – $250
Support for Ukraine – $250
The Bath Place – $500
Bourne to Film – $250
Mission of Grace Haiti – $400
Durham Cares – $1,000
(CDF Freedom Schools)
2022 Cynthia D. Brown Educational Scholarship – $750
Charitable Giving to Support Individuals and Families in Need – $580
Partners In Health Haiti – $350
Turner GoFundMe – $250
Student U – $500
2021 Cynthia D. Brown Educational Scholarship – $1000
Charitable Giving to Support Individuals and Families in Need – $330
Old Farm Neighborhood Initiative – $100


Panzi Foundation – $250

NCCU Food Pantry – $150

Change Paths Ministry –  $150

CAARE – $100

Helping Hand Ministry – $250

Ignite Ministries – $100

Student U – $1, 000

Swing Pals – $50

Mission of Grace (Haiti) – $125

UCAN – $100

Southwest Aid – $100


Fall Fundraiser – Helping Each Adolescent Reach Their Spark (H.E.A.R.T.S.) – $6,525

2020 Cynthia D. Brown Educational Scholarship (2) – $1,000

Charitable Giving To Support Individuals And Families In Need –   $625

Support for Printing of Cynthia Brown’s Book On Her Cancer Journey – $100


Wake Up Reach Up – $100

Urban Community AgriNomics (UCAN) – $350

Bethel Christian Center – $250


Charitable giving to support individuals and families in need – $850

Cynthia Brown Scholarships – $1,000


Durham Black Children’s Literature Symposium – $400

Ella Bake Women’s Center – $400

Wake Up Reach Up – $300


Charitable giving to support individuals and families in need – $1075

Cynthia Brown Education Scholarships – $1500

Diverse Occupation and Vocational Education (DOVE) Institute – $500

Community Investment Network – $1,000

Community Investment Network – $250

The Ella Baker Women’s Center for Leadership and Community Activism – $500

Project BUILD – $3,000

Community Investment Network – $250

Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Society – $1,000

Areawide Health Committee – $5,000

Community Investment Network – $256.95

Helping Hand Mission – $500

Family Health Ministries – $1,000.00

Bagley Swamp Wesleyan Church – $270.00

Interfaith Hospitality Network – $500.00


support us and change the course of a family’s life today!

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Cynthia D. Brown EDUCATION Scholarship


Cynthia’s book on her cancer journey, From Cynthia With Love: Reflections of Living With Cancer, was published in 2020. Visit, to view the virtual book launch and for details on how to purchase copies of the book. 


Cynthia Denise Brown Dedication

An activist for social justice and human rights, Cynthia dedicated her life’s work to the uplifting of people, regardless of race, gender affiliation, or religion of any other category. Among her many life’s affiliations and accomplishments, she was a member of 20/20 Sisters of Vision Giving Circle. Cynthia departed this life in November 2016 and we deeply miss her. She brought a sense of direction, vitality, and knowledge, but most of all she gave her sisterly love to all of us. To know Cynthia was to love her and we thank God for allowing her to pass our way and touch our lives the way that she did. One of the common “threads” that we all share in our organization is the importance of education. We all agree that when you educate a woman or a girl, you educate a nation. In memory of our dear sister, Cynthia Denise Brown, we 20/20 SOV Giving Circle, have agreed to develop an education fund in her honor solely for the college and technical education of Black women.

The 2024 Scholarship is Now Closed.

Cynthia D. Brown Education Scholarship 2024: