20/20 Sisters of Vision Awards 2020 Cynthia Brown Scholarship

20/20 Sisters of Vision recently awarded its Cynthia Brown Scholarship to Nazhai Tedder, a graduate of East Chapel Hill High School, Chapel Hill, NC.  Nazhai provided the following response upon receipt of the $500 scholarship:

“I want to thank 20/20 Sisters of Vision for considering me and awarding me this scholarship.  My journey has been hard and stressful; but I’m still here. I don’t think very many adolescents could survive a double brain aneurysm and a stroke. I was lucky and it was nothing but God who kept me on this earth. I am a walking miracle.  While I was fighting to live, God kept me because I have a purpose and I am destined for his great plan.

 This year I have overcome many obstacles, which include:

  • A horrible car accident, which required me to stay out of school from October to January recuperating. 
  • A granuloma forming in my throat that was trying to suffocate me; which required another surgery so I could breathe. 

Like so many of my peers I was really looking forward to walking across the stage to receive my diploma. However, I still graduated with high marks of A’s and a few B’s. I am very thankful.

My plans are to attend the University of Toledo, where I will study Biology/Pre-med. My goal is to one day become an oncology doctor.   This scholarship will help me so much in paying toward my first semester tuition.

 I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and it honestly means so much to me. Thank you 20/20 Sisters of Vision for investing in my future endeavors. I will be forever thankful for that.   Thank you!”
The Cynthia Brown Scholarship honors the life and legacy of Cynthia Brown, a former member of 202/20 Sisters of Vision who dedicated her life’s work to social justice and human rights.  Cynthia lost her battle with cancer in 2016.  20/20 Sisters of Vision also presented Nazhai with Cynthia’s book, From Cynthia With Love:  Reflections of Living With Cancer.

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