Cynthia D. Brown Educational Fund Scholarship Awarded to Zariah Turner

Zariah Turner, a senior at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, is the 2020 recipient of the 20/20 Sisters of Vision Cynthia D. Brown Educational Fund Scholarship – college-level.  She is majoring in psychology and criminal justice and hopes to one day pursue advanced studies in adolescent psychology.   Zariah says she lives in a rural community where jobs are very few. “Places of employment are your local fast-food industries, schools, grocery stores and doctors’ offices. Multiple people must travel to the next state to earn a decent living or find better healthcare. I witnessed my father driving to Virginia for years to work until his death.  I understand that graduating from college is a way for me to ultimately reach my goals,” she said. 

“I have always been intrigued with people minds, especially the youth.  It is essential to comprehend young people better, build up their standards, emotions, character traits and abilities. It is not easy to talk to your parents and sometimes your friends can give you misguided advice. In my future profession, I want to be that support system that they can reach out to,” she added. 

Zariah said the $500 scholarship would allow her to continue her studies in psychology and criminal justice and to buy needed books and materials. “As a person who has a lot of compassion, hopefully, I will continue on my current path and eventually be in a position to assist others and make a difference within a community and people’s lives”, she concluded.

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