20/20 Sisters Of Vision Features Heritage Quilters Giving Circle Quilt to Raise Funds For 2024 Scholarship – Grants

20/20 Sisters of Vision Giving Circle will once again feature a hand-made quilt from The Heritage Quilters Giving Circle of Warren and Vance County, North Carolina, to raise funds for its 2024 Cynthia D. Brown Education Scholarship and on-going charitable grants. The Heritage Quilters’ mission is to support, encourage and document quilting traditions and activities. During the past 24 years, they have exhibited quilts in a variety of venues, and partnered with local arts and historic preservation organizations to document quilts and quilting traditions. 20/20 SOV is honored to provide the Heritage Quilters’ colorfully designed orange and green quilt to a lucky raffle winner during a virtual drawing on May 4, 2024.