Features Heritage Quilters Giving Circle Quilt to Raise Funds For Scholarship

20/20 Sisters of Vision Giving Circle once again featured a hand-made quilt from The Heritage Quilters Giving Circle of Warren and Vance County, North Carolina, to raise funds for its Cynthia D. Brown Education Scholarship. The Heritage Quilters’ mission is to support, encourage and document quilting traditions and activities. In their 20 years, they have exhibited quilts in a variety of venues, and partnered with local arts and historic preservation organizations to document quilts and quilting traditions.

Jeareann King Johnson, a Heritage Quilters member, and designer of the 2021 Jacobs Tears fundraiser quilt, said that in addition to quilting, “Heritage Quilters are teachers, community leaders and organizers, medical staff, poets, healers, pastors, artists, organizers, engineers, mental health care workers, and writers.  We are mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. In these times of uncertainty and crises, we need to look inward and reflect on our values and contributions to humanity, and particularly to valuing the lives of Black and Brown people.”

20/20 SOV was honored to provide the Heritage Quilters 72” x 57” Jacob’s Tears designed quilt to a lucky raffle winner during a virtual drawing on June 19, 2021. 

Congratulations to Chris Gellings, raffle winner.

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