20/20 SOV Supports the Efforts of Dr. Denis Mukwege
 and the Panzi Foundation

20/20 Sisters of Vision was honored to support the Panzi Foundation with a monetary donation in February 2020.  The Panzi Foundation is a nonprofit organization, which supports the work of Dr. Denis Mukwege.  Dr. Mukwege is a world-renowned gynecological surgeon, human rights activist and founder and medical director of the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The hospital was founded in 1999 as a clinic for gynecological and obstetrics care and has since helped more than 50,000 survivors of sexual violence. The hospital not only “mends” the physical wounds of these survivors but also provides legal and psychosocial services to patients.  It also treats women who cannot afford post-rape care.  Panzi hospital is now a general hospital serving nearly a half million people.

Dr. Mukwege has been fearless in his efforts to increase protections for women and ensure individuals responsible for sexual violence (including government and militia groups) are brought to justice, not only in the DRC but also in many other African countries.

In 2018, Dr. Mukwege received the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to end sexual violence against women in conflict and the care of women affected by these atrocities.

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