20 Stories of Impact in 2020

20/20 Sisters of Visions set as its 2020 annual goal to impact the lives of 20 individuals and/or families in need, as well as organizations making an impact in their communities.  Little did we know that the 2020 pandemic would increase the need of so many, but also open the hearts and purses of many others as we strove to meet our goal.  During the year, we made many small, but impactful donations while also providing a Durham nonprofit, the largest donation we’ve ever made.  Following are our 2020 stories of impact:

20/20 SOV Supports McDougal Terrace family experiencing trauma and displacement from home due to elevated carbon monoxide. ($150/$100)

A family in Durham experienced multiple levels of trauma in the last year.  Their matriarch died unexpectedly and the surviving children were forced from their home due to elevated carbon monoxide levels.  In addition to direct support provided by a 20/20 SOV member (temporary housing, meals), the Circle provided a $100 donation and $50 Uber card to help one of the siblings get to work.  The Circle later provided a second donation to support the purchase of a bed for the family. 

20/20 SOV Supports Junior Tennis Player ($50)

Thanks to Venus and Serena Williams, more young black girls are choosing tennis as their preferred sport.  Paige is an eighth-grade student in Cary, NC who is working to follow in their footsteps.  She started playing tennis when she was six years old.  Individual sports like tennis come with a hefty price tag in order to reach high performance levels.  20/20 SOV provided Paige with a $50 donation to support costs associated with participating in a junior tournament (e.g., entry fee).  

20/20 SOV Supports Dr. Denis Mukwege and the Panzi Foundation ($250)

20/20 Sisters of Vision was honored to support the Panzi Foundation with a $250 donation in February 2020.  The Panzi Foundation is a nonprofit organization, which supports the work of Dr. Denis Mukwege.  Dr. Mukwege is a world-renowned gynecological surgeon, human rights activist and founder and medical director of the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The hospital was founded in 1999 as a clinic for gynecological and obstetrics care and has since helped more than 50,000 survivors of sexual violence. The hospital not only “mends” the physical wounds of these survivors but also provides legal and psychosocial services to patients.  It also treats women who cannot afford post-rape care.  Panzi Hospital is now a general hospital serving nearly a half million people.

Dr. Mukwege has been fearless in his efforts to increase protections for women and ensure individuals responsible for sexual violence (including government and militia groups) are brought to justice, not only in the DRC but also in many other African countries.

In 2018, Dr. Mukwege received the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to end sexual violence against women in conflict and the care of women affected by these atrocities.

“From Cynthia With Love: Reflections of Living with Cancer” ($100)

Cynthia Denise Brown was a beloved member of 20/20 SOV.  An activist for social justice and human rights, Cynthia dedicated her life’s work to the uplifting of people, regardless of race, gender affiliation, or religion of any other category.  Cynthia’s book on her cancer journey, From Cynthia With Love: Reflections of Living with Cancer, was published in 2020. Visit, fromcynthiawithlove.weebly.com to view the virtual book launch and for details on how to purchase copies of the book. 20/20 SOV made a $100 donation to support the printing of Cynthia’s book.  Copies of  her book are given to each Cynthia Brown Education scholarship recipient.  

20/20 Supports Philadelphia Family Dealing with Health Challenge ($250)

In March, an out-of-state family with a sick child awaiting surgery at Duke Hospital, reached out to a 20/20 SOV member for assistance.  The family had spent days awaiting the surgery for their daughter, and had mounting hospital related bills (e.g., meals and transportation).  The 20/20 SOV member brought the request to the Circle and the organization  approved a $250 donation to support the family’s growing expenses. 

20/20 SOV Supports NCCU Food Pantry During COVID-19 Pandemic ($150)

In April, 20/20 Sisters of Vision Giving Circle made a donation to the HBCU North Carolina Central University (NCCU) to support students impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Recent news stories emerged that focused on food insecurity and 20/20 SOV wanted to be part of the solution.  Connections were made with NCCU to identify programs and processes set up to address food insecurity and basic needs among their student population.  The members approved a $150 donation toward this effort. 

Change Paths Ministry ($150)

20/20 SOV donated $150 to purchase materials to make face masks for Durham’s homeless persons, and low-wage earners who were out of work because of the pandemic and to purchase food for program participants. Change Paths Ministry provides hot meals on Sundays and Wednesdays, and  “snack bags” that contains non-perishable items on other days. 

Cynthia D. Brown Educational Scholarship Fund (High School) ($500)

20/20 SOV believes in the importance of education…when you educate a woman or a girl, you educate a nation. In memory of our dear sister, Cynthia Denise Brown, 20/20 SOV Giving Circle, launched an education fund in her honor solely for the education of Black women.  Nazhai Tedder was selected to receive the 2020 $500 scholarship award designated for a high school senior.  

CAARE Healing Center ($100)

CAARE’s Healing Center encourages health equity and improving the quality of life for members of vulnerable populations. CAARE provides an integrated delivery of health and wellness, education, counseling, treatment, and case management that leads to stability and sustainability.  20/20 SOV provided a $100 donation to support the important work of this organization.  

20/20 SOV Supports Helping Hand Mission ($250)

Helping Hand Mission assists families in need with food, clothing, furniture and shelter in Raleigh, NC.  The ministry experienced an increase in requests for support this year.  20/20 SOV approved and provided a $250 donation to support the general operating costs of the organization. 

Food Items Purchased to Support Ignite Ministries in Durham, NC ($100)

In September, 20/20 SOV donated $100 to Ignite Ministries to address food insecurity in the Oxford Manor community (Durham, NC).  Ignite Ministries delivered lunches to support children, many who are too small to walk to the bus stop where there is a food drop-off destination. 

20/20 SOV Supports the Development of First-Generation College Students ($1,000)

Student U is a community organization that uses the power of education to build a just and equitable Durham.  It empowers and equips first-generation college students in Durham Public Schools, their families, and educators to become leaders will transform their city.  Student U supports this transformation with an approach that combines a whole-families approach to college access and success programming; sharing best practices in education; and a commitment to supporting student- and family-led advocacy. 20/20 SOV approved a $500 donation to support Student U’s Student Emergency Fund due to the increase of support needed  in response to the impact of COVID-19 on the student population and their families.  This was matched by a grant from the Community Investment Network (CIN), the umbrella organization of 20/20 SOV. 

20/20 SOV Leverages Fall Fundraiser to benefit H.E.A.R.T.S ($6,525)

Helping Each Adolescent Reach Their Spark (H.E.A.R.T.S.) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that educates and equips adolescent high school parents with the tools needed to become independent and self-sufficient.  H.E.A.R.T.S. was selected by 20/20 SOV as the beneficiary of its fall fundraiser.  With tremendous support from each sister and Triangle Community Foundation, more than $6,500 was raised and presented to H.E.A.R.T.S. Director, Tameka Brown, during 20/20 SOV’s December virtual holiday gathering.  

Cynthia D. Brown Educational Scholarship Fund (College) ($500)

20/20 SOV believes in the importance of education…when you educate a woman or a girl, you educate a nation. In memory of our dear sister, Cynthia Denise Brown, 20/20 SOV Giving Circle, launched an education fund in her honor solely for the education of Black women.  Zariah Turner was selected to receive the 2020 $500 award designated for a college student.

20/20 SOV Supports Durham Family Recovering from Homelessness ($125)

2020 was an extremely tough year for many across the community and the world.  A Durham family experienced a period of homelessness, but recovered and was able to, once again, secure housing.  20/20 SOV donated $125 to this family as they continue to transition into the next season of their lives. 

Golf Program Shifts to Provide Meals for its Students ($50)

Swing Pals leverages the sport of golf to deliver social and emotional skills to students in Durham.  Part of the program is delivered in schools; part is delivered at the Hillandale Golf Course.  When schools shut down in March, Swing Pals searched for other ways to support its students.  One solution was to deliver meals to those experiencing food insecurity.  In December, 20/20 SOV donated $50 in support of those efforts. 

20/20 SOV Supports International Organization in Haiti ($125)

Mission of Grace is a Christ-centered organization seeking to meet the needs of Haitians through love and compassion.  The organization  serves the community through its orphanage,  school, elderly home, girl’s home, young men’s home, medical clinic, community church and soup kitchen.  It also supports missions providing medical clinics, community feedings, food distribution and other programs. 20/20 SOV provided a $125 donation to support the organization’s programs and mission in Carries, Haiti. 

20/20 SOV Supports UCAN ($100)

Urban Community Agronomics’ (UCAN) mission is to improve the health and wellness of our community. Its programs provide education on healthy lifestyles, seed-to-table food preparation and preservation, and hands-on STEM and agricultural skills. UCAN also empowers Durham families with access to resources to grow their own healthy food using sustainable practices in a supportive environment. 20/20 SOV provided a $100 donation to this organization to assist families experiencing food insecurity.  

20/20 SOV Supports Native Americans in Need ($100)

The Southwest Reservation Aid program provides food, water, health products and emergency relief services for Native American elders, families and children in need living on reservations in the Southwest.  In December, 20/20 SOV provided a $100 donation in response to growing needs created by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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