Scholarship Recipient Update

Chantel Hinton received a scholarship from 20/20 Sisters of Vision during the 2019 fundraiser tea. At the time, she was completing her first year of the Master’s of Business Administration program at North Carolina State University. 

Recently, Roberta caught up with Miss Hinton to see how she was able to utilize her scholarship and to hear about her future plans. The following are the highlights of their conversation:

  • The scholarship was a well-timed award as she was not able to apply for one of the scholarships she received prior to her first year. 
  • Chantel has been identified by her department as a tremendous leader and advocate. She currently serves as an ambassador for the program – helping other students adjust and promoting the program to prospective students. 
  • Chantel has been able to hone her skills in marketing and considers that to be her career path upon graduation. (As a current SAS employee, she is doing some of that now.)
  • Giving back to the community has always been a part of Chantel’s character. She currently serves on the board of directors and is helping plan the organization’s 30th anniversary celebration. 
  • Chantel expects to graduate with honors in May 2020 and is open to career opportunities that may take her anywhere geographically.  

Chantel is extremely grateful for 20/20 Sisters of Vision and the support provided last year.  She looks forward to returning the favor one day!

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